Ithaca Estates Realty, LLC has been in the real estate development and property management business for over 40 years. We provide top quality selection of well-maintained living spaces in contemporary, traditional and renovated buildings. All of our properties are located in Ithaca or the greater Ithaca surrounding area. As owner & operators, we take great pride and passion in our work and growing portfolio. From development projects, to everyday property management to our tenants, we strive to meet the highest quality standards of our profession & aim to provide the best possible rental experience. As an asset to our community, we provide a valuable and professional service to the people living & working in our community.

Ithaca Estates Realty prides itself on our well-conceived, unique, energy efficient properties. We strive to keep up with the most current building technology, energy efficiency and sustainability standards available. Our property management company has taken a focused initiative on accessibility, sustainability & convenience; by providing web based access to your mobile smartphone, tablet or computer to enhance the rental customer experience. From the beginning of the leasing process to submitting maintenance requests & paying rental charges, we provide access to individual online tenant portals for your convenience and ease of use.